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Wedding Dresses

I got married last August. And I don’t know if any other Pinterest-using newlywed wives have this issue, but I found that I can’t stop pinning wedding inspiration. I know, I should be thinking, “The day has passed Katie. Get a grip on reality.” But I don’t.

I clearly don’t plan on having a second wedding, but I like to think I’m pinning so that I can inspirationally help out my younger sister when she gets married or friends when their special day comes. Even if it’s of no use, it’s still fun.

Here is the wedding dress I wore. I loved it and it’s casual yet elegant feel. It was perfect for our beach wedding. It was custom-made by Leah Raveglia, owner of Etsy shop White Romance (which I highly recommend. My experience with her was great). However, if I had another wedding day, these beautiful dresses might be some of my top picks. All so different but so beautiful! What’s your dream wedding dress (whether you’ve worn it or not)?

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