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Happy Friday

ImageCan’t stop listening to this song.

A clever and pretty idea: storing your nail polish in an apothecary jar.

Know of any good upcoming artists, shop-owners, or creative entrepreneurs? Feel free to submit them to be featured on my blog by e-mailing me.

Been looking at some great packaging lately, like this egg carton, this herb packaging, this catering packaging, and these linen tea towels.

50 Things Every Creative Should know. Some nice reminders.

Today I’m going to try avocado on toast for the first time. I’ve heard it’s good with a sprinkle of sea salt and a little bit of lemon juice. It looks so yummy. Have you tried it? Do you like it?

I’ve been wedding brainstorming/planning with my sister recently, and came across these J. Crew wedding dresses. Aren’t they lovely?

Gray and white polka dot nails- so cute, especially for fall that is sneaking up on us!

I love colorful, vintage postage stamps like these. Anyone know of a good place to buy them, especially in large quantity?

Interview with Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., by the Everygirl She inspires me.

Have a lovely weekend!

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